Sarah Aufmkolk

Research Associate

Ph.D. in Biophysics 

University of Wuerzburg, Germany



I am scientifically interested in optimizing the application of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, with my present focus in the field of genetics. The improvement of tools to analyse the spatial organization of chromosomes on the nanoscale is my main focus with the ultimative goal to visualize the whole human genome. This task will include approaches that introduce quality control features that might support quantitative analysis of the super-resolved microscopy data. 


Siddig*,S., Aufmkolk*, S., Doose, S., Jobin, ML., Sauer, M., Calebiro, D., Super resolution imaging reveals nanoscale organization of metabotropic glutamate receptors at presynaptic active zones.  *equally contributed

Reinhard*,S., Aufmkolk*, S., Doose, S., Sauer, M., Registration and visualization of correlative super-resolution microscopy data.      Biophysical Journal 116(11) 2073--2078 (2019) *equally contributed

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